• SpokeIt

    SpokeIt addresses the needs of a large community of people who receive, do not receive, or provide speech therapy. SpokeIt is a serious game for heatlh designed to provide at-home speech therapy and engaging activites. Speech practice at home is usually hindered by a lack of intrinsic motivation due to the tedious and repetitive idiosyncratic nature of speech therapy curriculums. Parents and caretakers experience major difficulties prompting individuals to complete speech exercises at home, especially when young. They often lack the expertise of a speech therapist and report a general low sense of competence in facilitating curriculum. Medical professionals have little insight into the (lack of) progress outside of their practice and would benefit from reports. SpokeIt is intended to be used by children aged 4-10 with cleft speech, as well by parents, caretakers, and medical professionals for curriculum customization, progress reports, and integrated at-home play.