• Soft-bodied object for observing fidgeting

    Observing fidgeting is hard when you're attempting to do so naturally, however our team took the approach of using the fidgeting object to observe the user rather than external observers interpreting behavior. In this project we developed a soft-bodied ball that has internal hardware designed to absorb user interaction through pressure, gyroscope and "clicky" buttons to allow for a wide range of fidgeter fascination. This device is being used in collaboration with Machine Learning designers who have developed translation engines from touch into affect and touch into visual feedback. This project is in flux and has several end goals to explore. It is a collaboration between Peter Cottrell, Alessia Cecchet, Ella Degan and Katherine Isbister, with help from undergraduates Vicky Feng, and Neilson Pacquing. Our external collaborators include UCSC ML Professor Daniel Shaprio and Dr. Julie B Schweitzer and Shannon Hoffman from the UC Davis MIND Institute.

    #Self Regulation