• Synergistic Social Technology: Designing Systems with ‘Needs’ that Encourage and Support Social Interaction

    In this work we propose a strong concept for interaction design: Synergistic Social Technology (SST). This concept describes systems in which technology is designed with its own need for interaction. As a result of responding to these needs, people who use the system may benefit from social interaction with others who use the system. This concept arose through the design, prototyping, and study of a social wearable design that we called Robo-Shoe-Flies. We articulate the core principles of the SST concept. We also describe the Research-through-Design process that inspired its development and associated design-focused observations. This work may inspire those in the IxD or HCI communities focused on the design and development of technology intended to support so-cial interaction, particularly in the sense of encouraging collective, mutually-beneficial action. This project was led by Ella Dagan and co-author Katherine Isbister.

    #Social Augmentation